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Debt Collection Agency in London

Are you considering the services of a debt collectors?

Equivo are more than just a debt collection agency. We are a firm of highly trained debt collectors, solicitors and bailiffs based in London, opposite the Royal Courts of Justice, with a nationwide reach with our enforcement team.

With a client base that specialises in corporate clients; including motor finance clients and national businesses, through to private individuals, our debt collectors are able to handle a wide range of cases and ensure a positive outcome for the debt owed to you.

Services offered by our London debt collection agency:

Equivo debt recovery solicitors and lawyers

Debt Recovery

Our debt collectors in London offer a complete debt recovery service; from one-off collections to ongoing contracts to reconnect and rehabilitate accounts.

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B2B Debt Recovery

We provide business-to-business debt recovery services, in order to recover outstanding payments from your clients from all business sectors.

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Commercial Debt Recovery

Choose to outsource debt collection from commercial clients to our team of experts and save yourself valuable time in the process.

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Bailiffs & Enforcement

Whether you need to enforce a judgment or debt, we have certificated enforcement agents (bailiffs) that lawfully carry out debt collection on your behalf.

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Debtor Tracing

Consider using our London debt collection agency to locate individual or business debtors that have absconded leaving outstanding liabilities.

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Dispute Resolution

From letter before action; through to court proceedings, our team of dispute resolution lawyers have expertise in the full debt recovery cycle.

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Debt Recovery Services in London

Are you owed money but unsure of the process involved to recover it? Our team of debt collectors can assist.

We use a combination of legal action, collections and efficient full debt enforcement procedures in order to recover monies by a highly experienced team of debt collectors, solicitors and bailiffs.

Our services can be used for a one-off debt collection, several debt collection cases or for collections on a contractual basis: whatever your needs, we have debt recovery expertise to ensure you are paid what you are owed.

Contact our team of expert debt collectors in London

Contact our highly experienced debt collection agency in London to handle your case from start to finish. Debt recovery can be a complex and time-consuming field to navigate. Our specialists are committed to recovering your outstanding debts.

London Office

212 Strand

020 7788 8484