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Collections & Field

Our collections and field services are designed to provide lender clients with a breadth of solutions; from one-off case placements through to longer term high-volume contractual partnerships.

Collections & Field Services

Field Services

Nationwide field services for lender and utilities clients, and volume consumer business creditors.

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Vehicle Repossessions

Complete solutions for both regulated and unregulated agreements

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Early Stage Arrears Collections

Agreement-in-life early arrears account rehabilitation services

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Later Stage Arrears Collections

Improving cure-rates in later stage arrears cases to reduce terminations

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Voluntary Terminations

Regulatory and logistical processing of voluntary terminations

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Field Reconnects / Rehabilitation

Field rehabilitation solutions extending forbearance to delinquent accounts

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Your main contact:

Andy is Managing Director of Equivo’s Collections & Field Division has responsibility for operations and service delivery for collections activity across the business. Andy always challenges standard industry practice while keeping fully abreast of regulatory requirements, beliefs that are core to Equivo's operation.