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Traveller Eviction

Are travellers encamped on your land without permission?

At Equivo we understand that this can often be a difficult and stressful situation for a landowner - not knowing how to get travellers moved in a safe and lawful manner.

Our expert team provide a 24/7 traveller eviction service with a 100% success rate, nationwide.

Eviction of travellers under Common Law

This is most commonly preferred method of how to evict travellers from private land. Under Common Law, a landowner has rights to evict any illegal occupier(s)/encampments, without lengthy implications involving a Court Order.

By instructing Equivo bailiffs (all certificated enforcement agents), you can fast-track the traveller eviction process, as follows:

The traveller eviction process

Evict Travellers Fast

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Eviction of travellers using a Writ of Possession

Often a preferred method of how to evict travellers from public land, another option for landowners is to enforce a Writ of Possession.

Although a longer process, once a Writ is issued, it can be enforced immediately. By pursuing this route, enforcement is carried out by High Court Enforcement Officers with assistance from the Police. A fast track option does exist to speed up this legal process.

This method of eviction is typically used to evict travellers in scenarios where compliance with an eviction notice is unlikely and that violence/physical resistance is a possibility.

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FAQs about traveller evictions

How to evict travellers from private land

There are two methods for how to evict travellers from private land; either through Common Law or by obtaining a Possession Order and then enforcing it using a Writ of Possession. Whilst obtaining a Writ of Possession can be a lengthier process, the eviction of travellers from private land will be carried out under a court order by a team of High Court Enforcement Officers who have a wealth of experience and expertise in the conduct of evictions.

Whichever route you choose, Equivo will be happy to assist. Contact our team to discuss your requirements today.

How to evict travellers from council land

If travellers have set up an unauthorised encampment on council-owned land, the council must obtain a Court Order for possession of that land. They can then transfer the Order to the High Court for enforcement by High Court Enforcement Officers using a Writ of Possession.

If you need to evict travellers on behalf of a local authority, contact Equivo today. Our team will ensure a safe and ethical eviction is carried out by fully licensed and insured High Court Enforcement Officers.

How long does it take to evict travellers?

This will depend on the legal process that is chosen, usually dictated by whether the land is privately owned or not. Actions under Common Law for the possession of private land can be taken immediately although we would usually advise giving the trespassers sufficient notice (usually 24 hours) to allow them time to vacate.

The process of obtaining a Possession Order and enforcing by a Writ of Possession can take longer, although a fast track option exists to speed up the legal process.

Why choose Equivo to evict travellers?

  • Certificated Enforcement Agents
  • Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers
  • Same day eviction service
  • No Court Order required
  • Nationwide service

Let Equivo handle the entire traveller eviction process

By choosing Equivo to manage a traveller eviction, you can trust our team to conduct a safe and professional eviction, without you having unnecessary involvement or confrontation. From the serving of the eviction notice, to repossession of the land by experienced and fully insured enforcement agents, your case is in reliable hands.

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