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Unsecured Recoveries

We provide unsecured debt recovery services across consumer lending products including credit cards, personal loans and overdrafts.

Our approach is to seek engagement with your customers and find the right resolution without the need to issue court proceedings, however, where needed we ensure that court proceedings are dealt with effectively whilst focussing on the right outcome for your customers.

We provide our services across all three jurisdictions in the UK under a single umbrella with genuine experts on the ground in each jurisdiction.

Seeking The Right Resolution

Our focus is to understand your customer’s circumstances and find a solution for repayment without the need for litigation which is sustainable and affordable.

Our services include:

  • Pre-legal engagement with your customers using advanced communication techniques;
  • Standard litigation from issue to judgment and enforcement;
  • Specialist debt recovery solicitors who are able to provide non-standard and technical support for disputed and complex claims;
  • All of the above delivered across the UK by experts in their fields and jurisdictions.

We seek to engage with your customers efficiently and effectively using a wide range of engagement methods to suit each customer and their individual circumstances, including where we identify particular vulnerabilities. 

Our focus is to understand your customer’s circumstances and find a solution for repayment without the need for litigation which is sustainable and affordable. 

Where litigation is needed, we progress claims effectively and efficiently but with an ongoing focus on delivering the right outcome.  

Our approach is similar across all jurisdictions in the UK but with experts, on the ground, who understand the nuances of each jurisdiction. 

Where necessary, our specialist solicitors provide support on non-standard and technical issues, including defended claims to ensure that your reputation is protected and the right commercial decisions are taken. 

Our UK wide approach under a single management umbrella ensures that you receive a consistently excellent service across the board with detailed management information, analysis and remote access to all your cases.

Your main contact:

Jim is Managing Director of Equivo’s Litigation Division and responsible for all litigation activity across the business. Jim works with Equivo’s clients to design and implement efficient, innovative and compliant debt recovery strategies which put conduct risk at the core of our thinking.