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Office building typically seen in a commercial lease forfeiture case by Equivo eviction experts.

Commercial Lease Forfeiture

The forfeiture of a commercial lease allows a landlord to repossess commercial property under Common Law.

Should a tenant be in breach of covenant, such as having failed to pay rent, a landlord may instruct enforcement agents to forfeit a commercial lease on their behalf. This is a powerful option for you as a landlord to terminate a commercial lease and re-enter a commercial premises.

Our dedicated team of commercial lease experts provide a quick and efficient alternative to obtaining a court order for taking possession of commercial premises. Our certificated enforcement agents provide a same day nationwide eviction service.

How to evict a commercial tenant for non payment of rent:

A shop front and commercial premises, typical of commercial lease forfeiture services by Equivo

Why instruct Equivo for a commercial lease forfeiture?

  • Same day, nationwide evictions
  • Drafting of repossession and bailee notices 
  • Appointment of an accredited locksmith
  • A full digital & photographic inventory of goods within 24 hours
  • Dedicated member of our commercial lease enforcement team on hand throughout
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The process of forfeiting a commercial lease in full:

Step 1:

To effect the forfeiture, our enforcement agents will gain peaceable entry to the premises when the property is empty and re-secure by changing the locks. Forfeiture is normally conducted outside of the tenant’s trading hours, usually early in the morning.

Step 2:

Upon entry, our experienced enforcement agents will ensure that relevant notices are placed in prominent positions such as external doors and windows notifying the tenants and any sub-tenants that lease forfeiture has been effected and that their continued use of the property is no longer permitted.

Where required, a photographic inventory will be completed and meter readings noted if visible. Upon completion, our enforcement agents will either deliver the new keys locally in person, or send them to the instructed address by registered post. Prior notice does not have to be given to the tenant.

Step 3:

Landlords should be careful not to do anything that might cause them to waive their right to forfeit. Acts of waiver include demanding or accepting rent payments or when the landlord has already attempted to collect arrears using Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR).

The landlord will only then regain the right to forfeit if the tenant goes into arrears on a subsequent occasion. In addition, the landlord is not permitted to seize the tenant’s stock and/or other assets, which is an alternative remedy available to landlords opting to use CRAR.

FAQs about Commercial Lease Forfeiture

How much does a commercial eviction cost?

  • £375 for the first hour on-site followed by £120 for each additional hour spent on-site thereafter (plus VAT). Possession is generally obtained within the first hour dependent upon size of property
  • Variable locksmith fees dependant on the type and number of locks in situ
  • £100 (plus vat) for drafting of TORTS notice if required

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