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Employment Tribunal Awards

As High Court Enforcement Officers, Equivo are able to enforce Employment Tribunal Awards and ACAS Settlements.

An award from the Employment Tribunal is not a judgment itself, however we can assist by applying to the court to register the award as a judgment and subsequently transfer to the High Court to issue a Writ of Control. Similar to enforcing Money County Court Judgments, all we require is the tribunal award.

Enforcement of Employment Tribunal Awards & ACAS Settlements

We provide effective High Court Enforcement for the enforcement of Employment Tribunal Awards and ACAS settlements under the authority of a Writ of Control. Unlike other judgments and orders to which a £600 minimum debt value applies for High Court Enforcement, there is no minimum value for Employment Tribunal awards and ACAS settlements to be transferred to the High Court for enforcement.

Enforcing your Employment Tribunal Judgment Effectively

By authorising Equivo High Court Enforcement Officers to enforce your employment tribunal judgment, rather than a County Court bailiff, you can expect much quicker and effective service.

FAQs about Employment Tribunal Award Enforcement

How do I enforce an employment tribunal judgment?

If you would like to proceed with the enforcement of an Employment Tribunal Award, simply instruct Equivo online or by contacting our London office on 020 7788 8484 and our team of High Court Enforcement Officers will act on your behalf to collect the money.

How much does it cost to enforce an Employment Tribunal Award?

The transfer of an Employment Tribunal Awards or ACAS settlement to the High Court for enforcement is free. This process is subject to the court's turnaround times but the transfer-up process typically takes around 10-14 days. To then have the Writ of Control issued by the High Court, there is a court fee of £71.00 that is payable to HMCTS.

Does it matter how much the Employment Tribunal Award is for?

There is no minimum value an Employment Tribunal or ACAS settlement should be awarded for in order to be transferred to the High Court for enforcement.

Contact our team today:

For further information on how Equivo can assist you with enforcement of Employment Tribunal Awards and ACAS settlements, please contact our London office on 020 7788 8484 or instruct us online.