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Court Fees Set for Additional Increase

A range of court fees in the civil courts are to increase from 30th September 2021, following a government consultation.

This sees a second increase to court fees this year, after the “alignment” of online services with claims issued on paper saw the former rise in cost.

This second increase is presented as an “inflationary” rise retrospective to 2016.

The fee increases

The Court Fees (Miscellaneous Amendments) Order 2021 sets out the changes to civil court fees. The fee increases that come into effect as of 30th September 2021 cover some 67 fees including:

  • Warrants of Possession and Delivery increasing from £121 to £130.
  • Writs of Control, Possession, and Delivery increasing from £66 to £71.
  • Charging Order applications increasing from £110 to £119.
  • General applications increasing from £255 to £275.

Equivo standpoint on the increase of court fees

Despite the rise in court fees, it remains the case that litigation, in the right circumstances, remains an appropriate and effective approach to recovery of outstanding debts in the absence of engagement from debtors. Equivo remain committed to find the right resolution for its clients and their customers which may include litigation.

At the same time, Equivo would like to see the increase in fees used to support service delivery by the civil courts to ensure that civil court users receive a service which they deserve.

Your main contact:

Jim is Managing Director of Equivo’s Litigation Division and responsible for all litigation activity across the business. Jim works with Equivo’s clients to design and implement efficient, innovative and compliant debt recovery strategies which put conduct risk at the core of our thinking.