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Enforcement Activities Carried Out by Equivo: Post-Plan B

The Ministry of Justice has today published updated guidance: Working Safely During Covid-19: Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs), since the removal of the government's Plan B restrictions.

To ensure best practice by enforcement agents, the guidance covers essential topics, including:

  • Preventing transmission
  • Enforcement at residential properties
  • Enforcement at commercial premises
  • Vulnerability
  • Hygiene and use of protective equipment (PPE)
  • NHS Test and Trace
  • CIVEA-approved training

Enforcement Agents are encouraged to use rapid lateral flow tests on a regular basis to determine any positive cases of COVID-19. Should they test positive, Government guidance on self-isolation will be followed.

Contact-free communication will be made prior to physical visits to residential properties, in order to establish if anyone has symptoms or is self-isolating, while commercial visits will follow measures put in place by the business.

Equivo Enforcement Agents recognise vulnerability and the heightened effect COVID-19 can have on certain individuals. In these instances, they will follow the guidance on vulnerability set out in the National Standards for Taking Control of Goods.

Suitable PPE, including surgical masks and gloves are made available to all Equivo Enforcement Agents. They are advised to wear a face covering when coming into contact with people they don’t normally meet in enclosed and crowded spaces. Contactless payments will be taken as a preferred option, although cash will also be accepted, if necessary and handled appropriately.

Your main contact:

Jonathan is Managing Director of Enforcement Services which he leads from our Central London offices.