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Equality and Diversity Statement

Our mission:

Equivo recognises that, to thrive as a Company, we need difference. Difference of thought and perspective, difference in perception and approaches to challenges. We firmly believe that equality of opportunity and valuing diversity are key to the successful delivery of our strategy and are committed to eliminating discrimination and to promoting equality of opportunity for all staff and job applicants.

Our culture:

We are committed to creating a working environment and culture that is genuinely inclusive: where every member of staff feels valued for their contribution to the Company and is able to make best use of their skills without fear of harassment and discrimination.

All Equivo employees have a responsibility to create an inclusive and supportive working environment. Irrespective of their position within the Company, all Equivo employees are required to ensure that they act within the law when carrying out their duties and to ensure that they treat all job applicants, staff, suppliers, clients and others with whom they may come into contact in the course of their employment, fairly, consistently and appropriately at all times.