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Plan B: the effect on enforcement activities carried out by Equivo

New measures announced by the government are effective from today, referred to as Plan B.

There has been no revision to instructions or measures for enforcement agents, with the recommendation from the Civil Enforcement Association to continue activities according to the most recent Ministry of Justice guidance, previously outlined after its announcement.

All enforcement agents will be aware of any regional restrictions that may be implemented in response to Omicron or other variants of Coronavirus. In areas with high rates of infection in a concentrated area, enforcement visits will be conducted in line with central and local government policy.

All enforcement personnel have been required to undertake additional, mandatory CIVEA-approved training prior to the recommencement of enforcement visits since last year.

The newly-designed enforcement personnel training programme includes:

  • Where possible, visits by Enforcement Agents should be contactless in line with published COVID safe working practices
  • Enforcement agents should establish from a distance whether there is a requirement for them to enter the property.
  • Enforcement Agents should try to keep a safe distance (2m, or 1m with appropriate risk mitigation where 2m is not viable) and always explain the reason for their visit and the precautions they are taking
  • Where a householder discloses that they have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 28 days, all enforcement action should be suspended for 14 days
  • Enforcement Agents are entitled to request proof, such as a screen shot from the NHS tracking app.
  • In agreement with clients, forbearance should be offered for those infected or affected by measures taken to contact the virus (such as extended voluntary breathing space, payment breaks or temporary reduced payment plan)
  • Enforcement Agents should continue to use personal protection equipment and receive appropriate training on its use.

Enforcement agents will also wear face masks and take contactless payments as a preferred option, although will handle cash appropriately if necessary.

Your main contact:

Jonathan is Managing Director of Enforcement Services which he leads from our Central London offices.