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CRAR: Deadline Looms to Notify Respondents of Intention to Refer to Arbitration

The Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Act 2022 was a new law introduced in March of this year to provide a legally binding arbitration process to resolve certain outstanding commercial rent debts accrued during the pandemic.

With most Covid-related restrictions having been completely lifted throughout the UK several months ago, the temporary measures put in place by The Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Act 2022 are no different.

The closing date for recovering rent arrears during the pandemic is 23rd September, however as the pre-arbitration steps can take up to 28 days applicants are urged to notify respondents of intention to refer to arbitration by 26 August at the latest.

In February 2022 The Secretary of State approved a selection of arbitration bodies to manage rent related disputes and establish and deliver the arbitration scheme under the Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill. The full list is available here.

Our dedicated Central London enforcement team based opposite the High Court are on hand to assist with all enforceable Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery debts and will send out Notices of Enforcement the same day and hand deliver all notices over £20,000 free of charge, saving you 2 days and a dispute over service.

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