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Residential Possession Orders

If you already have a Possession Order, we understand that you will want a resolution as soon as possible. Our High Court Enforcement Officers will ensure you reclaim possession of your property fairly, quickly and efficiently.

As High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEOs), Equivo are able enforce Possession Orders issued in either the County Court or High Court in England and Wales.

Enforcing a Possession Order

Before you instruct Equivo to carry out a residential eviction you will need to have obtained a Possession Order from the County Court. This is an Order for the defendant to provide vacant possession of your property by a set date. If you do not have a Possession Order, we would encourage you to seek independent legal advice to obtain this before contacting us to discuss enforcement.

Once you have a Possession Order, the tenant will have been given a date by the Court when they will need to vacate the property. If they have not left the property by that date, you can apply to transfer-up the order to the High Court to issue a Writ of Possession.

Need assistance with transferring up a County Court Possession Order to the High Court for a Writ of Possession? We can assist with this, please contact 020 7788 8484

How the tenant eviction process works:

Why choose Equivo to evict a tenant?

You will have a dedicated point of contact throughout your case, along with FREE assistance with High Court application forms, leading to a faster turnaround for your case.

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Lawfully evict a tenant using a Writ of Possession

By using HCEOs to carry out a residential eviction, your case can be concluded in a much more speedy and efficient manner compared to using a County Court Bailiff. With our highly experienced team, we will ensure the eviction process is carried out to the highest standard.

Put your case in safe hands and instruct Equivo today to enforce your Possession Order and reclaim possession of your property fairly, quickly and efficiently.

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