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Achieving Good Outcomes

We are committed to ensure that everyone throughout our business fully understands and complies with the requirements of achieving good outcomes for customers, wherever possible, following the Financial Conduct Authority’s relevant Consumer Duty requirements.

The fair treatment of customers is an integral part of our corporate culture and is embedded from the highest level of management through to all employees. We take pride in delivering good outcomes for customers wherever possible.

Customer journey

The Financial Conduct Authority has outlined core consumer outcomes to which we adhere. We strive to deliver good outcomes for customers throughout the customer’s journey with us.

Implemented throughout the business

We implement policies and procedures to ensure that all employees, contractors, agents/consultants are fully aware of achieving good customer outcomes as required by the FCA.

Total transparency

Wherever possible Equivo will seek to achieve good outcomes for customers throughout their journey with us and to evidence that, where appropriate, we have invested in real-time activity tracking capabilities providing total transparency and audit capabilities across our activities, whether in the field or through our head office based functions.  Our commitment to bringing first-to-market technology solutions into our specialist market enables unprecedented new levels of transparency to drive higher industry standards.

Ongoing commitment

In order to ensure ongoing compliance, we are committed to:

  • Conducting internal reviews;
  • Encouraging external audits;
  • Ongoing investment in staff training and development;
  • Monitoring and analysing complaint root causes;
  • Taking corrective action where we have not met our usual high standards;
  • Bringing potential or actual poor customer service to the attention of senior personnel for appropriate action; and
  • Implementing improvements to all areas of conduct where possible.