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A property typical of Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) for non-payment of commercial rent

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

We recover outstanding commercial rent owed to you - 020 7788 8484

Experienced debt recovery specialists committed to recovering commercial rent arrears from commercial tenants.

Fast, reliable and effective. Outline details of your case with us today. Based opposite the Royal Courts in the Strand, London, Equivo is a team of enforcement professional people led by industry experts. With over 35 years’ experience in debt collection, we have successfully collected sums of £600 up to £62million.

Why Choose Equivo?

  • Over 35 years’ experience
  • Unique end-to-end service
  • Nationwide service coverage
  • Fast, reliable and effective
  • No hidden fees or costs
  • Regulated by the FCA, MoJ and SRA

Certificated Enforcement Agents

Our Certificated Enforcement Agents (bailiffs) specialise in recovery for non-payment of commercial rent.

Fast Turnaround Time

Our team of debt recovery experts will action your case quickly to ensure your outstanding rent is collected.

Tenant Pays Our Fees

The tenant will pay legal fees and those of our Certificated Enforcement Agents.

Nationwide CRAR Service

We provide full national coverage with dedicated enforcement agents throughout England and Wales.

What our clients say:

"The team at Equivo were 100% professional from first contact and all the way through to collection. As well as dealing with the debt collection they also very effectively dealt with High Court Enforcement of a possession order."
"Excellent service from start to finish. First debt recovery company I have used that actually collected the debt."
"I instruct Equivo for most of my tracing, asset enforcement and recovery and document service needs. They are responsive, professional, reasonably priced and have never let me down. Highly recommended."



Commercial Rent Recovery Experts

We can ensure commercial landlords the highest level of compliance with the most effective outcomes.

The first triple-regulated firm of its kind in the market: authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, the Solicitors Regulation Authority and authorised by the Ministry of Justice, our team of enforcement agents and debt recovery experts have complete knowledge and understanding of CRAR.

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What can be recovered under CRAR?

CRAR only applies to principal rent, VAT and interest (VAT and interest only if stated within the lease). CRAR cannot be used to recover service charges, insurance premiums and rates. Landlords can explore alternative methods to recover these charges such as obtaining a County Court money judgment.

Contact Equivo should you require further assistance with regards the enforcement of money judgments and High Court enforcement thereafter.

When can CRAR be used?

The CRAR procedure can be enforced on any day of the week, between 6am and 9pm (or during the tenant’s normal business hours, if these differ). Seizure of the tenant's goods will be carried out by Certificated Enforcement Agents (bailiffs), strictly for goods belonging to the tenant only.

What can be seized under CRAR?

Only goods owned by the tenant as stated within the lease can be seized under CRAR. This excludes goods owned by a sub-tenant or other third-party. Tools of the Trade (up to an aggregate value of £1,350) are exempt from CRAR.

Who can take control of goods under CRAR?

Landlords must instruct Certificated Enforcement Agents to use CRAR as they have the powers to take control of goods and sell them via public auction.

Which leases can CRAR be used for?

CRAR can be used where there is a current and written lease in place that is solely for commercial use. CRAR cannot be used for the recovery of rent arrears if:

  • The lease is for residential or ‘mixed-use’ premises,
  • The rent arrears cannot be calculated with complete accuracy and certainty,
  • The lease has come to an end.

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