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Updated Guidance: Working safely during COVID-19

As we continue to gradually move back to a way of working as we knew before the coronavirus pandemic, The Ministry of Justice has updated its guidance for enforcement agents (bailiffs) to continue working safely during COVID-19.

The guidance takes into account the latest modifications, concerning:

  • Self-isolation
  • PPE
  • Test and trace

Overall there is an easing of all restrictions, however as the guidance suggests, all Equivo enforcement agents will be reminded that there is still a need to take appropriate precautions. This is communicated throughout our business from regular training.

All Equivo enforcement agents will carry out a thorough risk assessment prior to all visits, to ensure any interaction is carried out in the safest manner possible.

The Ministry of Justice has advised members of the enforcement industry the next updates to the guidance are due after the 1 April.

Your main contact:

Jonathan is Managing Director of Enforcement Services which he leads from our Central London offices.