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"Use of technology to streamline our approach is a key part of Equivo’s vision for the future"

Saranjit Soor Chief Technology Officer

About Saranjit

Saranjit Soor is the Chief Technology Officer responsible for technical strategy and implementation at Equivo. Working with the organisation to leverage technology best practice from other sectors to deliver a unique experience for clients and customers.

Saranjit is an accomplished IT leader with over 24 years' experience in technology, spanning start-ups to enterprise level organisations. His background spans sectors such as Manufacturing, Gambling & Gaming, Banking, Travel & HR and includes two FTSE 250 organisations.

Saranjit has held key roles with companies like Betfair, Rank Gaming, Tesco Bank, MortgageGym and Clear Review, all of which focused on technology advancement as core business enablers. He brings this wealth of experience to the collections market.

Saranjit Soor

Senior Leadership

Head Office

The Lightbox
Willoughby Road
RG12 8FB

0330 900 3000