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"I am passionate about providing an outstanding customer journey by being empathetic and approachable at all times."

Jasmine Howsham Manager

About Jasmine

Jasmine is a Supervisor within the ABL Standard Recoveries Team. Jasmine supports her Team leader, by providing training to the team, assisting with queries and ensuring the team are working effectively and providing a high standard Client service.

Before coming a member of the Equivo team. Jasmine worked for Shoosmiths for over 15 years and is a very experienced motor and asset finance litigator. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with her team and is always very friendly and approachable.

Jasmine has experience in Return of Goods Litigation, Money Judgment Litigation and Enforcement proceedings. She is also the team’s “Go To Person” for queries regarding Vulnerable customers.

Jasmine Howsham

Litigation Processing


2 Rushmills

0330 900 1000