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Chris Taylor Enforcement Manager

About Chris

Chris is an Enforcement Manager at Equivo, responsible for the management and execution of Writs of Controls in a timely and effective manner.

With over 20 years’ experience of managing, motivating teams and experience in securing new client contracts, Chris has previously worked in both the Private and Public sectors as an Enforcement Manager. he holds a wealth of experience providing a public sector solution for the transparent, ethical, and professional collection of local authority debts.

Chris has supported councils in the collection of various types of local authority debt, using enforcement agents with extensive day-to day experience in each area. He also has experience in process management, ensuring that operating procedures are effective and maintained in accordance with relevant legislation.

Chris' experience in performance management and reporting, including plans to maximise collections and address any areas of underperformance also benefits the business operations, along with his budget management and reporting, to ensure the service operates within an agreed budget.

Chris is also able to provide technical and legal advice relating to enforcement to team members, senior management and elected members and is also experienced in complaint handling, responding to complex enquiries and the investigation of complex cases, including preparing witness statements for court.

Chris holds a Level 2 qualification in Taking Control of Goods and is also a mental health First aider.

Chris Taylor


London Office

212 Strand

020 7788 8484