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Following the case of Wood v Commercial First Business Limited, the motor finance industry is seeing a surge in spurious commission cases.

Customers are instructing solicitors, claims management companies and debt advisors alike to allege there have been payments of “secret commissions” in past and present agreements.

The customers and/or their representatives are seeking damages and/or rescission of the agreement.

It is important that the motor industry unites in their opposition to these claims and ensures that all pre action correspondence is escalated and responded to in appropriate legal detail.

We are offering our clients a fixed fee service for these pre action claims which will ensure that:-

  1. Your internal complaints teams do not get overwhelmed
  2. You benefit from our experience and advice
  3. You send a clear message that any such claims will be opposed.

For further information contact our experienced team at or on 0330 900 1000

Your main contact:

Mel is the Director of Client Experience and Culture for Equivo. Mel is passionate about listening to our clients and developing products and services to support them. Mel will help to ensure Equivo is the best of the best in terms of its offering to clients, she recognises that our people and culture are of critical importance to deliver these outcomes. Mel is an expert in asset and motor finance recoveries.