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Change Is Hard. Here’s How to Make It Less Painful

As Equivo's first birthday is fast approaching, I began to reflect on how far we have come as a company and celebrate some of our achievements to date.

We have managed to discard some of our archaic systems and restraints and implemented a number of new digital platforms which enable us to deliver tech-enabled services to the highest standards. We are not planning on stopping there however as further changes and process enhancements will allow us to continually improve, ensuring the best service for our clients and the best outcomes for our customers.

Not at all bad for our first year, is it?

Technology is fantastic and we will continue to stay ahead of the curve in this arena however we believe our greatest asset is our people. Not everyone is a fan of change so with a large number of changes in a short space of time, how do we bring our people with us on the journey?

A recent article featured in the Harvard Business review ‘Change is hard. Here’s how to make it less painful’ by Erika Anderson provided an insight as to why change is hard and the importance of re-wiring ourselves to be more comfortable with and open to change.

We are all different and whilst some will be excited by announcements of positive change, others will fear a new way of working. Our Learning and Development team provide a comprehensive training program which also includes change management. This workshop provides support to our leaders and the wider teams to assist with creating a mindset shift.

This is not necessarily a quick process as the buy in to change can take time and one size certainly does not fit all when it comes to addressing concerns. With great leadership, support and understanding these concerns can be addressed and overcome which in turn allows the proposed change to be adopted successfully.

We have already learnt that if we look after our people and give them the right tools for the job they will in turn provide an exceptional service for our Clients. Given how far we have come over the last year I cannot wait to see what the next 12 months brings.

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Laura is a Learning and Development Professional who supports all areas of our business through her training, mentoring and coaching. Laura oversees the Learner journey from day 1, supporting new starters with their onboarding through to our management & leadership training.